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Product Care

Every piece of Jennifer Lyon, LLC jewelry is made from the finest materials, often cut from natural resources, and is hand-finished. Please wear your Jennifer Lyon, LLC jewelry with care; after putting on hairsprays, lotions, and fragrances. Always use care when exposing to sunlight, unnecessary heat and moisture. Never expose them to household chemicals or jewelry cleaners. To clean, use a dry, soft white towel. Store in a dry location to avoid extreme temperature changes.

Pearl Care

Wear them... or at least semi-often!! Pearls were born in the water and benefit from absorbing the oils from your skin. So put them one show them off and enjoy them with care.

Gently wipe pearls with a soft cloth to remove sweat, perfume, excess oils, and dirt before storing them.

Pearls should be stored away from other jewelry or objects that may scratch their surface. Wrap pearls in a soft cloth or store in a soft pouch.

Do not store pearls in an airtight package ie: plastic bag. Pearls need moisture! Do not store in a too dry or too hot environment, the pearls may crack. If you must store in a safe or safe deposit box leave a damp cloth nearby and do not store for long.

Keep pearls away from chlorine beach, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, ammonia, hairspray and cosmetics. These substances will damage the pearl surface!

Be sure to put pearls on after applying perfume, hairspray or cosmetics. Be careful with all chemical substances. They will eat holes into the nacre (surface) of the pearl.

Remove pearls before exercising, using a sauna or any activity that may cause excessive sweating.

Do not submerge your pearls in water - no showers, no dishwater, no swimming. Chlorine will eat the epoxy securing the pearls, stretch the silk your pearls on which your pearls are strung and eat the pearl nacre.

Only store your pearls flat. Avoid hanging on a hook, this places unnecessary strain on the silk and causes stretching.

Restring pearls once every two to three years. Or once a year if you wear them weekly. Be sure to have each pearl knotted separately so that pearls do not rub together and cause wear on the nacre.


At Jennifer Lyon, LLC, quality and craftsmanship is our utmost concern. However, all jewelry is delicate by nature. Jennifer Lyon, LLC will repair, at no charge, any breakage caused by MANUFACTURER DEFECT within 120 days if receipt of purchase. Repairs deemed to be caused by misuse will incur a repair charge at the customer’s expense. Repairs will be assessed on an individual basis. Please note, with the natural materials we work, some items are more fragile than others. This means that some require more care and attention when wearing. Furthermore, it requires attention in how they are to be worn. i.e.: on a short necklace, never a long necklace. Or never layered, only as a single piece.

For diamond and gemstone jewelry repairs: Jennifer Lyon, LLC will repair item only if diamond or gemstone falls out (diamond or gemstone must NOT be lost, only fallen out). Diamond and gemstone must be included at the time of repair. Please remember, due to regular use diamonds and gemstones in jewelry must be retightened, at least, annually. We urge you to have your diamond and gemstone jewelry items professionally cleaned, checked and tightened, at least, annually. If your Jennifer Lyon, LLC jewelry pieces are treated with care they will have years of longevity added to them!

Natural Variation

Due to the organic nature of many items in our inventory, there will be a variety of natural variations and differences in the materials used. Changes in color and variations in texture are expected in every product and add to its beauty. Please be aware of this at the time you place an order.

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